Why Choose TEX?

Dedication and commitment are how we demonstrate our understanding of what really matters to our clients. Our process will restore items to their pre-loss condition to help clients get back to normal.

The textile restoration industry was based on the dry-cleaning industry where the process and pricing were built around individual items.  TEX comes to the market in a different way.  We base our pricing, invoicing, and interaction on the cleaning process and labor needed to clean and restore garments and other textiles in a loss.   We are not focused on a per piece standard. As a result, we can reduce the cost of textile restoration by 20-40% .

Why Choose TEX for Fabric Restoration and Textile Cleaning?

  • Lower cost savings on your textile restoration
  • Reduce time to manage the claim
  • Better Restore versus Replace decisions
  • More satisfied homeowners and business owners
  • One call for all your specialty needs

Our textile restoration experts provide fabric and clothing restoration services you can trust and provide quality service you can rely on.

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