Textile Restoration Services

We provide textile restoration services with the best techniques and technologies. From extracting water to sanitizing smoke-damaged clothes, we do whatever it takes to help you recover from a disaster.

We specialize in restoring and returning soft contents such as clothing, rugs, bedding, stuffed animals, and other precious fabrics to those recovering from a disaster. We restore textiles damaged from fires, floods, vandalism, and other disaster events with both monetary and sentimental value..

Our experts are entrusted by insurance adjusters, contractors, businesses, and homeowners. It makes us proud to know our expert technicians succeed where others have failed.

TEX’s textile restoration services fall into the following core categories. In many cases, we employ all three of these services to fully restore the soft contents to their pre-loss condition:


From smoke to mildew, we tackle a variety of odors to deodorize fabrics. Odors can remain in clothing, draperies, pillows, and other fabrics until properly deodorized. We always use gentle products and techniques, ensuring that even the most fragile textiles are protected to remove unpleasant smells.

Deodorizing Services for Textiles


Our gentle and eco-friendly cleaning process can restore fabrics damaged by smoke, water, or other loss-inducing events whether they are on your walls, floors, beds, or closet. We specialize in cleaning techniques to remove dirt, soot, water, or other residues from textiles to restore over 90% of the soft contents that traditional dry-cleaning companies consider “non-restorable.”

Cleaning Services for Textiles


Our sanitizing services can remove pathogens that often remain after properly cleaning an item. Our unique process diminishes the bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms on items that can cause disease. Our restoration specialists will remove traces of undesirable contaminants to return sanitized belongings back to their owners to provide safety and comfort once again.

Sanitizing Services for Textiles

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With multiple locations throughout the US, we offer national coverage you can count on. We partner with claim adjusters, insurance agents, contractors, and policyholders to arrive at any loss situation within hours.

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Our textile restoration experts provide fabric and clothing restoration services you can trust and provide quality service you can rely on.